OPG Utrecht

Last years the OPG-area in Utrecht has grown into an interesting district with a mix of functions. Vechtclub XL is situated in the area and has had an essential role in this development, by the creation of creative working places, meeting rooms, different cultural activities and restaurant De Klub. In 2016 a bakery, coffee roasting company, beer brewery with tasting opportunities and Rechtstreeks (a distribution centre of local products) will be added to the functions. To emphasize and develop the qualities of the district, Vechtclub XL has appointed a multidisciplinary team, of whom Flux is part, to create a vision for the entire OPG-area.

The available industrial buildings that are situated in the area now, provide character, and the team is confident that those buildings can be reused for multiple different activities and programs. Furthermore the team believes that the area can profit from a densification strategy in which new building program is added. The mix of functions in the area provide synergy, innovation and creativity and by adding other functions, this will be developed even further. The quality of the public spaces will be improved by connecting missing links and routes of slow traffic. Pedestrian and cycle routes will be incorporated in the public space, and this will trigger liveliness and connectedness on a small scale. Excess rainwater will be retained and filtered in green park spaces and streets. In summertime water is used to cool down the public space by the use fountains and places to swim or play. New types of urban ecology and urban farming are integrated in the public space.

Utrecht, urban design and public space design, Vechtclub XL, part of Stadslabs, RHAW, Charlotte Ernst, landscape architecture, urban planning, water-storage, storm water management, ecology, urban farming, garden design, Flux landscape architecture, Utrecht, 2015