Binckhorst climate proof and biodiverse

Flux was commissioned by the municipality of The Hague to work on a vision for a biodiverse and climate-adaptive development of Binckhorst The Hague. The vision combines the urbanisation assignment with a solid landscape quality impulse and a future-proof design of the public space. The project starts from an overall vision for the entire Binckhorst area, that shows an inspiring future image for the longer term. From this vision, a number of subareas have been worked out. Concrete ‘rules’ for a future-proof design of the public space are proposed for each subarea. These ground rules include the integration of water storage in the public space, the design of (green) quays and a strategy for climate-adaptive and biodiverse planting in various conditions. In collaboration with Wageningen University and Research.

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Binckhorst Den Haag

LILA award Special Mention for Werkspoorkwartier!

The project Werkspoorkwartier was nominated for the Landezine Awards and received the Special Mention at the ceremony! From the jury report:
‘The jury appreciated the systemic approach to the redesign, the sense of the visual language effortlessly handling all the challenges, and the translation of the industrial feel of the site into a contemporary work environment. According to the jury the project, at the same time looks ordinary and excels in detailing, materiality and implementation of green infrastructure.’

Flux has been working on the transformation of the area since 2010, including a walking route in the form of the Werkspoorpad, the outdoor space of the Werkspoor cathedral and Werkspoor factory and the transformation of the harbour. The project is in collaboration with Charlotte Ernst, commissioned by Gemeente Utrecht and Overvecht vastgoed.

Lila awards 2023

De Baak in progress

The outdoor space in the project De Baak is under construction. Flux designed the outdoor space after winning the tender. The the plan focuses on water storage, collectivity and visibility on all sides. By embedding De Baak in the landscape, the building is placed in the park. This enhances the presence of the park and transforms the fragmentation into more unity. A logical whole is created that shows how buildings and park go together in the Westelijke Tuinsteden. Commissioned by Kondor Wessels and in collaboration with OZ architects, Lith advies, Pieters Bouwtechniek, CM3 and Arcadis.

De Baak


Werkspoorkwartier nominated for Landezine awards

The Werkspoorkwartier has been nominated for the Landezine awards. Flux has been working on the transformation of the area since 2010, including a walking route in the form of the Werkspoorpad, the outdoor space of the Werkspoor cathedral and Werkspoor factory and the transformation of the harbour. The results of the Landezine awards will be announced soon!

The project is in collaboration with Charlotte Ernst, commissioned by Gemeente Utrecht and Overvecht vastgoed.

Landezine Awards 2023



Implementation strategy Groenplan Centrum

The municipality of Eindhoven has developed the implementation strategy Groenplan Centrum. This was done, based on the Groenplan Eindhoven, a vision developed by Flux together with the municipality to further greening the city centre. It takes advantage of opportunities for biodiversity, climate and mobility. As an elaboration and first step within the green vision, 10 new green spots were designed. Commissioned by the municipality of Eindhoven and in collaboration with TU Eindhoven, Acacia Water and Bureau Stadsnatuur.

Alderman Rik Thijs: ‘Eindhoven is the greenest of the 5 big cities and a strong green structure is fundamental. Across the entire city, 44% of the area consists of green space. However, within the Eindhoven ring road this is only 18%. This, while Eindhoven will gain 40,000 new homes in the coming years, roughly half of which will be within the ring. This requires a substantial investment in greening the center to improve the quality of life for current and future residents.’ 

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Green city centre Eindhoven


Flux 5 year anniversary!

This year Flux exists 5 years! We celebrated this moment with (professional) colleagues, former employees, friends and family. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and nice party! We are looking forward to the next 5-10-20 years!

Photo: Lonneke Buijs

Flux is working on Hamerkop Amsterdam

Flux has received the commission for the landscape design of Hamerkop in Amsterdam. Hamerkop is part of the Hamerkwartier, an innovative urban development along the IJ river. In the design for Hamerkop there are high ambitions regarding to green, climate and health. Commissioned by Amvest and COD and in collaboration with KCAP and the municipality of Amsterdam.

Holtland Bossenboek published

As part of design research Holtland, Flux has published the Bossenboek (Book of Forests). The book contains a design research into new forms of forest in the Netherlands. The new forest types are a result of the different cases as river forests, forests for timber constructions of buildings and the Utrechts Heuvelland. The forests always contribute to larger challenges such as climate, nature, recreation or food. The Bossenboek shows how forests contribute to these themes and where these forests can be used. In the coming years, Flux will continuously add new types of forests to the Bossenboek.

Commissioned by Staatsbosbeheer with funding from the Stimuleringsfonds.

Since 2021 Flux has been working on the design research Holtland. Flux sees a high level of abstraction and a lot of focus on surfaces in existing research on forests. Therefore Flux considers it valuable to further investigate the planting of forests in the Netherlands. The focus is on the diversity of forest types, a strong relationship with major current challenges in the Netherlands and a concrete spatial elaboration. The Holtland research consists of three parts: a forest book with forests of the future (the Bossenboek), four case studies and an alternative forest vision for the Netherlands. The project was financed by the Stimuleringsfonds and by co-financing from several parties.

The four case studies are set up with concrete locations and the stakeholders are the Province of UtrechtWWFSynchroon and Staatsbosbeheer. The advisory group for the design research consists of Berno Strootman (former National Landscape Advisor, involved in the forest strategy for LNV), Kees Hendriks (researcher forest Alterra Wageningen) and Martijn Boosten (researcher and advisor at the Probos foundation).

Publication Bossenboek

Utrechts Heuvelland

Forests for building

Gerwin de Vries in Inspirational Board AORTA

Since November Gerwin de Vries is part of the Inspirational Board of the Architecture Center AORTA. The members of the board are a connecting link with the field. They contribute ideas about current spatial assignments in the city and contribute ideas for future programming. Besides Gerwin de Vries the members are: Klaas Verschuure (chairman - former alderman of spatial planning for the municipality of Utrecht), Eveline Keizer (senior development manager BPD), Esther Vlaswinkel (urban planner and partner at SVP architecture and urban design), Gregor van Lit (senior urban planner for the municipality of Utrecht), Theo Stauttener (Stadkwadraat board of directors), Leen de Wit (program director of the municipality of Utrecht), Do Janne Vermeulen (architect and partner at Team V) and Marco Wubben (senior developer at BDP).

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Design research Groen Groeit Mee

On behalf of the national government, Staatsbosbeheer, Bureau Buiten and Flux landscape architecture conducted research into the opportunities for green urbanisation in the Netherlands. In the research, spatial and financial principles have been developed for a strategy that combines urban densification with opportunities for greening the city. Flux and Bureau Buiten researched 30 different cities and distinguished different types of cities in the Netherlands, each with its own approach.

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