LINT working on Stadseiland Utrecht

AORTA Centre for Architecture has asked LINT to be part of a design team working on Stadseiland Utrecht. The team will develop plans for the area between Merwedekanaal and Amsterdam Rijnkanaal with a focus on a sustainable transformation. In Collaboration with Marco Broekman and HIK ontwerpers. Results are expected January 2017. 

AORTA Stadseiland

Urban Lab Mexico City presented at Pakhuis De Zwijger

The project Urban lab Mexico City will be presented at Pakhuis de Zwijger, together with four other Urban Labs in Ghana, Myanmar, Palestine and Phillipines. In collaboration with Marco Broekman, Kristin Jensen and Jaap Klaarenbeek. Start at 20.00, make a reservation here:

Pakhuis de Zwijger


UN Habitat

LINT selected for Erasmusveld Den Haag

The consortium of LINT landscape architecture, marco.broekman and Workshop architecten has been selected for the BPD competition “Proeftuin Erasmusveld” in The Hague. Out of 64 submissions, four teams were selected for the next phase. This phase involves developing a vision on the first phase of the plan into a ‘sketch design’.

Project Hoeve de Waterkant

LINT has presented the results of the project Hoeve de Waterkant in Belgium. The project is part of a design research 'Pilot projects Productieve Landschappen' from de Vlaams Bouwmeester. Within this research program 5 different pilot projects have been executed in the field of food production, city and landscape. For Hoeve de Waterkant the team proposes a spatial strategy in which production, water and nature are strongly related. In collaboration with Ziegler Branderhorst and Alterra Wageningen.

Vlaams Bouwmeester

Ziegler Branderhorst 

Living Lab station area Utrecht

LINT is part of Living Lab Utrecht Smart and healthy City, a design research on the circular development of the west side of the station area in Utrecht. The project is conducted in collaboration with Marco Broekman Urbanism and is commissioned by the municipality of Utrecht, Ministeries of Infrastructure and the Environment and Economic Affairs and the Provence of Utrecht. Other selected teams are Urbanisten and Nieuwe Gracht.

Smart and healthy city 

Marco Broekman

Municipality of Utrecht

Ministery of Infrastructure and the Environment

Ministery of Economic Affairs  

Provence of Utrecht 

Werkspoorkwartier Circular Strategy

LINT presents a strategy for the transformation of the Werkspoorkwartier into a circular urban district within Utrecht. The transformation strategy is related to energy, ecology, waste, water and mobility. Eight sub-projects are identified that can work as a catalyst for the development of the area, these include the transformation of the port, the development of flexible workplaces in Hof van Cartesius and the development of a Werkspoor Path for walkers and cyclists. LINT is involved in several projects in the area, in collaboration with Charlotte Ernst Urban Strategy and among others with Overvecht Vastgoed and the municipality of Utrecht.

Hof van Cartesius

LINT werkspookathedraal

Municipality of Utrecht 

Overvecht vastgoed 

Fraser River Vancouver Canada

LINT has started an international design project on the Fraser River, south of Vancouver in Canada. The Fraser river deals with spatial problems related to dike reinforcement, ecology and growing industrialization and urbanization. The project is done in collaboration with the University of British Colombia Vancouver and is partly financed by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.

Metro news Vancouver

the University of British Colombia 


Merwede Climate Proof

LINT is working on the design of a climate proof Merwede Area in Utrecht. For the entire Merwede Zone LINT envisions a combination of increasing urbanization and an innovative design of public space. Within the public space different themes are addressed, for example a new public space could provide a good climate adaptation, increasing ecological wealth, space for new mobility, food production and improved spatial quality. The assignment is commissioned by the Provence of Utrecht and results are expected December 2016.  

Provinie Utrecht


Sustainable strategy Onderdendam featured on national news network

Recently LINT worked together with Paridon de Groot on a strategy for a sustainable future of Onderdendam to realize energy transition and to repair earthquake damage. National Broadcast Foundation NOS made a nice item about the proposals for this beautiful village.

NOS item

Duurzaam Onderdendam LINT

IABR Groningen

Van Paridon de Groot