Westdorpse Kreken

The Kanaal Gent-Terneuzen is a waterway between the city of Ghent in Belgium and the city of Terneuzen in the Netherlands. The canal ensures that Ghent has a connection to the open waters of the Westerschelde. A future enlargement of the canal will create an explosive growth of industrial activity along the canal. The villages surrounding the canal will suffer from a declining accessibility and a lack of recreational possibilities of the landscape.

Westdorpe is located on the east side of the canal and is surrounded by some separated nature areas. By adding nature on strategic locations, the separated areas can become one large nature area with a surface of 350 ha. This larger natural area is named De Westdorpse Kreken. By creating new trails and places to stay around the village, Westdorpe can profit from this new natural area.

Within the Westdorpse Kreken short-term interventions, which will function as a catalyst for new developments, are done. On the dike of the canal a bird watching hut is made. It has an access from the top of the dike and a covered stairway at the foot of the dike. A lowered path placed within an existing ditch connects Westdorpe with the nature and provides shelter for bird watchers. Within an old orchard, a new orchard is planted. The intervention consists of a small parking lot between the fruit trees, a gravel path to the water and a large wooden bench overlooking the creek.

Westdorpe, commissioned by the provence of Zeeland, landscape architecture, nature development, landscape intervention, ecology, LINT landscape architecture Utrecht Middelburg 2012