Tussenland Westerschelde

The Westerschelde is famous for its dynamic ecosystem of sand- and siltbanks. It is typical for a delta and exists where sweet river water meets the salty seawater. In history much has disappeared because of modernisation in agriculture and shipping. At this moment the dynamics are almost lost and this valuable ecosystem, which also has a coast protecting function, is in a poor condition.

LINT wants to introduce a new specific urban environment for the Westerschelde, that can bring back this specific ecosystem. New houses are put on piers and the they will manipulate water flows with their exact position in such a way that they regenerate new sandbanks. Different types of soil will sedimentate on the pier, which will be living environments for birds and plants. New housing typologies are introduced on and around the pier. With sedimentation the houses form their own living environment. Old villages will be connected to the piers and a large dynamic landscape structure is generated.

Competition, landscape architecture,  coastal reinforcement, nature development, ecology, LINT landscape architecture Utrecht Middelburg 2007