The Gardens of Rietveld

The gardens of Rietveld is a proposal which aims to create an informal outdoor space in an urban residential context. In addition to the existing public spaces like parks, water structures and the playground, the courtyard forms an introvert and communal space where the residents feel at home and the visitor is slowed down. As a result the space is rich, enclosed an intimate by the use of a refined materialization.

A mix of wildflowers, perennials and grasses turns the courtyard into a wild and rich environment, even in harvest and wintertime. The plantation in combination with small, multistemmed trees create a light a light and irregular image. The edges of the borders consist out of sitting rims creating small squares to enjoy the sun and the playgrounds.

The green courtyard is framed by creepers and hedges. The backyards have special designed fences. The transitions between public and private space are marked in a special way accompanied by wide doorsteps where benches and flowerpots can be placed to create intimate spaces. Special designed chairs are diffusely placed throughout the gardens.

Utrecht, 2nd prize competition, commissioned by AM wonen, landscape architecture, garden design, public space design, urban design, LINT landscape architecture Utrecht Middelburg 2014