Natuurpark Lelystad

The assigment was to deliver a schematic design for the park around the renewed visitors centre. Because of the tight budget LINT proposed a few smart interventions.

Within LINT's design for Nature Park Lelystad the entrance square is the central space. It will serve as the main hub for walkers and cyclists. The edges of the square of heightened to sitting height so no additional furniture is needed on the square. In the pavement of the square existing bricks are reused and mixed with concrete elements. The concrete elements have details of footprints of different animals which can be seen in the nature park.

The northern side of the parking becomes a welcome strip for visitors. The strip is a pedestrian zone of soft paving. On the strip some large animal silhouettes made of wood are random placed, where you can walk through. The main entrance to the park presents itself on the strip in the form of a forest of branches which will function as a fence as well.

In collaboration with DST Baarn, commissioned by Flevolandschap, landscape architecture, park design, nature development, public space design, LINT landscape architecture Utrecht Middelburg 2011