Kanaal Gent Terneuzen

Recent years there has been a discussion about nature in the Netherlands. By a sectoral and technocratic approach and the inaccessibility of the nature areas, the bond between man and nature is weakened and public support for nature has decreased. LINT seeks to strengthen this bond by looking for a new interaction between man and nature: Human Nature.

The Kanaal Gent Terneuzen is a connection between the port of Ghent, the Port of Terneuzen and the Westerschelde. This canal attracts many large-scale industrial activities and is currently transforming from a canal to a wide zone by attracting new industrial developments. The lock soon has to be expanded due to growth of both the ports and the size of the ships. Because of this the saline seepage zone around the canal is expected to increase.

Along the canal a large willow environment is created with many recreational trails. The sweet water environment will buffer saline seepage, purify the wastewater from surrounding industries and establish a new landscape attached to the different towns along the canal.

Atelier de Groene Golflengte Radio Kootwijk, invited by Atelier Rijksbouwmeester (Yttje Feddes) and Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving, landscape architecture, energy landscapes, nature development, LINT landscape architecture Utrecht Middelburg  2011