Estate Rilland

LINT has developed a transformation strategy for Hof Vinkenisse. This 50.000 m2 former farmyard consisting of a courtyard with housing, 2 barns and a meadow planted with a grid of Ash, will be transformed into an estate with healthcare housing. In time, the area will be doubled by adding an adjacent plot between the site and the Vinkenisse Kreek resulting in the opportunity to connect the estate with the Vinkenissekreek.

The site is located in the Herenbergsche polder, next to the highway A58 and to the east by the Vinkenissekreek. The surrounding landscape is characterized by relatively large open polders surrounded by rows of trees on the dikes.

We propose a new avenue of lime trees, anchoring the site as well as structuring the estate by orienting and providing acces to the existing and future housing. To emphasize the central position the avenue will be paved with a refined pattern of bricks. In order to realize the avenue some of the existing Ashes will be removed and re-used in the transformation of the existing vegetation. The meadow with the grid of Ashes will be transformed into a forest that serves as a buffer against noise from the A58 and provides an attractive and sheltered housing environment. A public routing will make the estate accessible and provides the sophisticated routing for a natural and smooth division tween public and private. Within this masterplan, we designed a new garden for the existing courtyardbuilding.

Commissioned by Behoud en Zorg Landgoed Familie Van Nieuwenhuijzen, I.c.w. Floris Overes Boomverzorging, landscape architecture, park design, public space design, garden design, LINT landscape architecture Utrecht Middelburg 2012