Circular Werkspoorkwartier

Cartesius, a former industrial site in Utrecht West, will be transformed into the Werkspoorkwartier, a creative working environment for start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs. The area will be a laboratory for circular economy, self-constructed architecture, collectivity and temporary urbanism in Utrecht. Together with Charlotte Ernst, LINT developed a vision for a circular Werkspoorkwartier, focusing on the use of the different flows in the area. The public space is defined by slow traffic, urban agriculture, water collection, sustainable energy, recycled materials and a pleasant microclimate. Besides developing a vision for the Werkspoorkwartier, LINT is involved in the design of a few components of the plan, like the outdoor space of the Werkspoorkathedraal, the Hof van Cartesius and the Werkspoorpad.

Utrecht, circular public space, commissioned by Bedrijvenkring Cartesiusweg and Gemeente Utrecht, i.c.w. Charlotte Ernst, public space, circular city, circular economy, urbanism, landscape architecture, LINT landscape architecture Utrecht Middelburg 2017