Shipping route Rijn Rotte Vliet

LINT is working on a study for a possible recreational water connection between the Rotte, Rijn and Vliet in collaboration with APPM, Movares and Decisio. By means of spatial studies several models will be examined and ideas about the integration and possible character of the new route will be proposed.




LINT at ‘De Dag van de Architectuur’

LINT in cooperation with Charlotte Ernst and RHAW, gave tours through the area of the Werkspoorkwartier on Saturday the 17th of June. The Werkspoorkwartier was a former industrial area. The area is being transformed to a working landscape for starting and innovating entrepreneurs. LINT is working on several assignments in the area, among which the ‘Hof van Cartesius’, the outdoor space of the Werkspoorkathedraal and the Werkspoorpad.

Team AM wins tender NPD area in Overvecht Utrecht!

Team AM wins tender NPD area in Overvecht Utrecht! The team consists of Paul de Ruiter Architects, NL Architects, LINT landscape architecture, SKONK, BAM, LBP Sight en Goudappel Coffeng. LINT has designed the public space adjacent to the shopping mall Overvecht together with 3 distinctive courtyards for the building blocks. The blocks are opened to create long viewlines and to let sunlight enter the yards. Ecology, water, meeting and food are the main themes of the design.

Nieuwsbericht AM  

Paul de Ruiter architects

NL architects


LBP Sight

Goudappel Coffeng

Dike Park Nijmegen

LINT has been working on a project on the Waaldike Nijmegen, commissioned by O team, Waterschap Rivierenland and Gemeente Nijmegen. The main question in the project is how the city and the river are related to each other in this area  LINT proposes to transform the area directly behind the Waaldike into a dike park. The park ensures that the dike can be experienced as a separate spatial element and that the landscape is optimally intertwined with the city of Nijmegen. Seepage can be used in a smart way to create wetland nature and from the surrounding neighbourhoods there are routes through the park directly to the dike.  

LINT Dike Park Nijmegen 


Waterschap Rivierenland 

Municipality of Nijmegen

Team Heijmans with Diederendirrix, Bedaux de Brouwer, HilberinkBosch and LINT landscape architecture wins tender in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht!

Team Heijmans with Diederendirrix, Bedaux de Brouwer, HilberinkBosch and LINT landscape architecture wins tender in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht! An important element of the design is a terraced landscape with two collevtive gardens, where water can be collected.



Bedaux de Brouwer


Mud bay Vancouver Canada

LINT has visited Vancouver and Surrey to do workshops and presentations as part of a design by research project for Vancouver and Surrey. Together with the local team the area has been explored by kayak. LINT will develop en present different spatial models in june 2017.

Project in collaboration with the University of British Colombia Vancouver (UBC), Royal HaskoningDHV and is partly financed by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie. 

University of British Colombia 


Royal HaskoningDHV

Tidal River, Heart of the City

LINT participates in the design studio “Tidal River, Heart of the City” at the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam. The studio focuses on the relationship between the densification of Rotterdam and the river as autonomous entity. What is the current relationship between river and city? And what are the possibilities and promising conditions? Flows of goods, people and things are crucial elements of the design proposals, in which spatial identity, circular economy, social development and nature preservation come together.  This studio is based on the assumption that the relationship is crucial for both city and river. What is needed for the river to function well as the heart of the city and the city as the environment of the river?  The atelier is part of the Future Urban Regions program of the Dutch Academies of Architecture and will be finished June 2017. Commissioned by the  Academy of Architecture Rotterdam, i.c.w. Spatie, Bureau Lofvers, Sander Klaassen (gemeente Rotterdam) and Helmut Thoele

Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst

Future Urban Regions

Merwede Climate Proof

The Merwedekanaalzone has been designated as one of the most important densification areas in Utrecht. In addition to this densification task, Utrecht aims to be a healthy city and wants to deal with climate change in a smart way. Especially the increase in the amount of peak rainfall and the warming of the city demand climate-proof solutions. In this context, LINT conducted a design study for a climate adaptive public space in Deelgebied 5 of the Merwedekanaalzone, commissioned by the Province of Utrecht. LINT worked with calculation models and developed a matrix in which multiple climate adaptive interventions at different locations are shown. The design concept consists of green streets, water squares and a canal park. Together with the rooftops and the collective courtyards, these components collect a large part of the rain water. The water flows through the different elements of the plan like a cascade: from private to public and from high to low. The water squares are attractive, green spots with a high public quality. Commissioned by Provincie Utrecht, i.c.w. Rijkswaterstaat, Gemeente Utrecht en Waterschap Stichtse Rijnlanden.

Merwede Climate Proof 

Municipality of Utrecht

Province of Utrecht 

Hoogheemraadschap De Stichtse Rijnlanden